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Friday, December 3, 2010

♥ muhammad abdul nur rohma ♥

haha ! baru 1st time aku buat karangan pasal lelaki dalam bi ;) see laa . if sala or ape . maaf oke . 

you . i love u.that time I have had bf.u came home that night i accidentally that time I was meeting with my bf. you ask me "are you single?" I was silent and looked at my bf. I want to answer any difficult situation? you may not know that side of me is my bf. you ask myfun num and I had to close his crew. my bf said if u want to be friends but not to much to remember that you already have a boy. That night I did not forget who the person next to me who because I've fallen in love at first sight with the reply in front of me is you. Since then my relationship with my bf broke because I have no love for my bf. I always remember you. I decided that due to my bf for no reason. Poor him, but then I do not think it was my bf feelings. you invite me out because I was excited to go out with someone who makes my heart beat faster. I am ready to start early. I wore the same color as the crew. the way we bumped into my ex-boyfriend. I was completely wrong but are you telling me you do not know and asked me to hug you. First time we love our date. I am very very happy I think we can offer the world.I'm very happy couple with you because you meet the characteristics of a man who I love. you're handsome, smart, romantic. I remember the time you forced me to eat but I do not want. You feed me to. You said "if u do not want to eat we do not go home" i also remember the time i send u back home with you deliberately trick me "you said your eyes hurt because I was so into the dust blow. but you go to kiss my cheek. hahaha ! stupid! my relatives. I continue to volley you and leave you. I got it home, I was telling a close Izwan "You want to try to kiss me." I'm telling you to know that you're upset last Izwan cause embarrassment. I miss the time we find our romantic time. you love to take a photo I sometimes make me uncomfortable. but I like so because you're going to curse me after you take a photo to me.a few months later we are busy keeping you away because your brother is ill in hospital. we are not directly connected through the call, msg n seesuddenly one night you come my house. I was excited because he had not seen my old crew. I miss you so much. you come and you say "this afternoon out with who?" i kept quiet. i do not know what to answer. u said "i see u come out with another man!" i said "i do not go out with anyone else!" middle of our chat unexpectedly I got a call from my ex bf. u asked "who call u?" i say "my friends only" i see u kind of disappointed and angry with the answer, i, u continue to rush away. i screamed to call u but u do not mind. i text u and u reply with the text i said "her poison the world" i cried. i do not know why u say so with i. u come home tomorrow i. i hug u and say that "u is not close i believe." i love u too but unfortunately only 50%. I'm sorry dear. u said i do not bother with u anymore. i cried before u and hug u and say i do not cry. after that we have not been in contact and see each other again. u make i hurt so. until now been more than two years i still love u.because of u, i reject the presence of another man in life i. i love u so much.!
writing by hijrahtul nurain